Small Programs · Big Advantages
  • Easy and efficient customer acquisition
    Easy and efficient customer acquisition

    Share 900 million + WeChat ready-made active users
    600 million + WeChat payment users

  • Numerous traffic inlets
    Numerous traffic inlets

    Core functions of 10+ application scenarios

  • Improve user experience
    Improve user experience

    WeChat is out of the box, no download and installation required

  • Reduce promotion costs
    Reduce promotion costs

    Low development cost, short cycle time, can go online quickly, seize the market at the first time

  • Improve operational effectiveness
    Improve operational effectiveness

    WeChat diversion, new marketing scenarios and channels to increase brand exposure across the board

  • Seamless WeChat
    Seamless WeChat

    Users do not need to register and log in, and the merchant is associated with the public account. Consultation, order payment in one step

How does Tongren make applets?

Use the Wuling World WeChat Mini Program to make artifacts, without the need to understand technology, directly apply WeChat Mini Program templates, visual drag and drop editing, and quickly generate WeChat Mini Programs with one click.

Suitable for all SMEs, individual businesses and physical store owners without technical support.

  • Basic Applet
  • Basic Applet
    • Industry template
    • Carousel Group Picture
    • Graphic navigation
    • Video playback
    • Form collection
    • data analysis
    • export data
    • Manage page groups
    • A large number of rich templates for various industries to choose from, all of which are free to use;
      Free combination of components, full visual drag and drop construction, quickly create exclusive applets.
      Can create and manage page groups, add more display content to meet the needs of most page display functions;
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
  • Display applet
  • Display applet
    • Industry template
    • Carousel Group Picture
    • Graphic navigation
    • Video playback
    • Articles published
    • Real-time synchronization
    • Form collection
    • data analysis
    • Comment function
    • Like the content
    • Has its own display platform, supporting the release of various types of information, content, announcements, pictures, etc .;
      Update content and news directly in the background and synchronize dynamically; support comments and likes to improve user participation;
      It is mainly used for corporate or product display, and supports graphic content editing, suitable for all industries that need to be displayed.
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
  • Mall applet
  • Mall applet
    • Merchandise management
    • Order management
    • WeChat collection
    • Fight in seconds
    • Logistics tracking
    • online service
    • Product Reviews
    • Member Management
    • Refund after sales
    • Recharge balance
    • coupon
    • Full reduction setting
    • Merchants can have their own collection account and get it directly, without having to go through a third party;
      Have your own online store, get rid of the high advertising fees of third-party e-commerce platforms, and help deposit customers;
      Support multiple promotion marketing methods, more convenient management, more efficient promotion, and comprehensive operation data.
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
  • Ordering applet
  • Ordering applet
    • Merchandise management
    • Scan code to order
    • WeChat collection
    • Store pay
    • Takeaway platform
    • Navigate to
    • Table management
    • Order management
    • Print small ticket
    • Recommended dishes
    • Refund Management
    • Phone Appointment
    • For physical food and beverage stores, scan and order food, simple and efficient store operation;
      Online and offline two-pronged approach to achieve efficient traffic conversion, which is beneficial to accumulating users;
      Owning your own online catering shop, exempting high handling fees from major platforms;
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
  • Event Ticketing
  • Event Ticketing
    • Online Registration
    • Post event
    • Customer management
    • Fast write-off
    • WeChat collection
    • Scan code and check
    • Red envelope promotion
    • data analysis
    • message notification
    • Users can purchase e-tickets directly online, and the money goes directly to the merchants; online registration for city events
      Shunt window pressure to facilitate reasonable arrangement of stores; mini-programs & scan codes to check tickets, improve efficiency and user experience;
      Manage the online and offline consumer experience online, and realize online and offline traffic conversion (O2O mode).
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
  • Appointment Basic
  • Appointment Basic
    • Online Reservations
    • Pay deposit
    • WeChat collection
    • Publishing services
    • Classified display
    • Appointment management
    • Fast write-off
    • Refund online
    • Shop announcement
    • message notification
    • Comment function
    • Tailored for the service industry, users can book various living services online and support prepayment deposits;
      Flexible setting of reservation time, input of mobile phone number can check user orders, greatly improving service efficiency;
      Manage the online and offline consumer experience online, and realize online and offline traffic conversion (O2O mode).
    Support 7-day trial
    • /年
    • /2年
    • /3年
Our advantage
  • Choose free combination as needed, flexible expansion

    Choose free combination as needed, flexible expansion

  • Common shopping malls, ordering, ticket booking, etc.

    Commonly used mall, ordering, ticket booking and other functions, all available

  • No code, visual background, free drag and drop

    No code required, free drag and drop in the background

  • No development and art required, saving high maintenance costs

    No development and artists are needed to save high maintenance costs

  • One-click generation, 5 steps to go online quickly

    One-click generation
    5 steps to get online quickly

  • Professional design, covering 30+ industries, updated weekly

    Professional design, covering 30+ industry weekly updates

  • Deeply cultivated on the Internet for more than ten years, built by professional Web App team

    Deeply cultivated on the Internet for more than ten years

  • Online customer service, 7 * 24 hours worry-free after sales

    online service
    7 * 24 hours worry-free after sales

Mini Program Traffic Inlet
  • QR code
    QR code
    Scan the QR code directly to enter the merchant applet
  • WeChat search
    WeChat search
    Keyword fuzzy search, matching related applets
  • Nearby applets
    Nearby applets
    Show WeChat Mini Programs within 5 kilometers nearby
  • Public Number Home
    Public Number Home
    Relevant applets are displayed in the information of the public account
  • Browsed Applets
    Browsed Applets
    Opened applets will appear in the list
  • Conversation sharing
    Conversation sharing
    Friends, WeChat chat message sharing applet
  • Circle of friends
    Circle of friends
    Share QR code or store activity directly
  • notification
    Jump directly to the applet through the message content
  • Push articles
    Push article
    Enter the mini-program QR code in the public account article
  • Sticky applet
    Sticky applet
    Pull down the WeChat homepage to display the opened applet
  • Customer Service Consulting
    Customer Service Consulting
    Customer enters via chat message
  • More
    Continuously updated ...
5 step quick build
5 step quick build
Want more features

If the existing solutions cannot meet all your needs, you can add functional applications separately, and any solutions and functional applications can be freely combined and flexibly matched.

According to your actual needs, first open a solution, and then select other functional applications in the function management to achieve on-demand selection, saving you money!

  • Content information
    Content information
    ¥ 680 / year
    Suitable for all kinds of information, content release,
    Support categories, comments, likes
  • Mall
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Product display, search, order, full-featured,
    Support coupons, full reduction, and marketing promotion with promoters
  • Appointment Basic
    Appointment Basic
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Users can book merchants online, specifically for the service industry,
    Flexible allocation of time and resources to effectively improve business operation efficiency.
  • Appointment Expert Edition
    Appointment Expert Edition
    ¥ 1280 / year
    Online appointment appointments for stylist, masseur,
    Fitness coaches, etc., support multiple stores!
  • Lucky bag management
    Lucky bag
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Supports free and paid activities to empower businesses
    Online marketing promotion to increase user activity
  • Takeaway
    ¥ 1180 / year
    With functions such as paying bills, ordering food, takeaway, printing small tickets, etc.
    Scan the code to order, without the waiter's participation, the ticket will be issued automatically
  • Bargain
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Users can invite friends to bargain for the goods they want to buy on WeChat,
    Help merchants easily do marketing, which is conducive to brand communication, new store acquisition, etc.
  • Event Ticketing
    Event Ticketing
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Support event publishing, online registration, WeChat payment,
    Quick write-off, customer management, list export, etc.
  • City life
    City life
    ¥ 1180 / year
    In the same city life circle, locals make money from the media.
    Make life easier through the internet!
  • hotel reservation
    hotel reservation
    ¥ 1280 / year
    Provide online booking, consulting services, etc.
    Traditional hotels and hotels can quickly have their own applets.
  • Real Estate Agents
    Real Estate Agents
    ¥ 1280 / year
    Exclusive application for real estate agents, support release of house rental,
    For sale information, contact the broker online.
  • Merchants settled
    Merchants settled
    ¥ 1280 / year
    Invite merchants to the platform and earn profits through commission
    Merchants get traffic and users from the platform.
  • Micro carpool
    Micro carpool
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Both drivers and passengers can post carpool information,
    Intelligent system matching, more accurate and efficient!
  • Answer
    ¥ 1180 / year
    Everyone answers questions to help businesses quickly
    Low cost acquisition of new users
  • Pay for knowledge
    Pay for knowledge
    ¥ 980 / year
    Support audio, video, graphic and other course types,
    Make knowledge more three-dimensional
  • Universal form
    Universal form
    ¥ 680 / year
    Used for various data collection, online orders,
    Market research, satisfaction survey, various registration forms and other functions
  • Photo album
    Photo album
    ¥ 300 / year
    Support album classification, photo display,
    Give users a better visual experience
  • Community
    ¥ 300 / year
    Help customers connect and manage users by setting price thresholds,
    Gather users or fans directly
  • Stored value card
    Stored value card
    ¥ 300 / year
    Guide users to recharge, funds are paid directly to merchant bank cards through WeChat,
    Lock users in advance
  • Lucky draw
    Lucky draw
    ¥ 200 / year
    You can flexibly set the prizes and the probability of winning.
    Easy to use and extremely involved. (Not supported by personal account)
  • Lucky smashed golden egg
    Lucky smashed golden egg
    ¥ 200 / year
    You can flexibly set the prizes and the probability of winning.
    Easy to use and extremely involved. (Not supported by personal account)
  • Promoter
    ¥ 200 / year
    Recruit promoters to promote products, support promoters' secondary distribution,
    Freely set commission settlement ratio and invitation reward ratio.
  • Home
  • Housekeeping
  • education
  • Decoration
  • Wedding
  • real estate
  • Home appliances
  • car
  • KTV
  • Nail art
  • tourism
  • Jewelry
  • Mall
  • Mini Program Template
  • Beauty salons
  • Wine industry
  • Fresh flowers
  • pet
  • lighting device
  • Official website
  • Driving school
  • tea
  • Shoes
  • dance
  • Musical instrument
  • motion
  • Food
  • cake
  • Kirin Rosewood Furniture

  • Good Home

  • Home life

  • Home Life

  • Home Custom Lite

  • education
  • Mall
  • Housekeeping
  • Same city
  • The internet
  • game
  • Logistics
  • Furniture decoration building materials
  • Food and catering
  • Mother and baby
  • real estate
  • tourism
  • Bookkeeping finance
  • classroom
  • Beauty salons
  • pet
  • Community
  • Office, manufacturer
  • Electrical appliances
  • clothing
  • Environmental Recycling
  • car
  • Photography / Advertising
  • Accessories, jewelry
  • school
  • Health care
  • Stone carving

  • Guizhou for Hundred Years

  • Changchun stainless steel decoration

  • Tea table home office supplies customization

  • Kunshan Xincheng Decoration

  • Lauders Waterproof

  • Hot air curtain

  • Xieyinian Decoration Xingyi Branch

  • Shower room with automatic door

  • Huafu Custom Home Textiles

  • Siyou Doors and Windows Lite Doors and Windows Project

  • Ningbo Meizhida Furniture

  • Beauty showcase

  • Nakagawa Linear Module 2

  • Sichuan Shuyi Doors and Windows

  • Hangzhou Hangqing Waterproof

  • Decoration

  • Fangtai Building Materials

  • Traditional bow and arrow manufacturers

  • Green hibiscus

  • Hubei Yisun Technology Photovoltaic Power Generation

  • Wuxi epoxy floor

  • Hangzhou Hangfeng Waterproof

  • Hangzhou Gemei Air Conditioning Appliance After Sales Repair Center

  • Mori decoration

  • Ningbo Huirun Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Eugen Valve

  • Bo Mao Machinery

  • Hangzhou Hangzhou Beauty Doors and Windows

  • Xinsenyi Plastic Wood Floor Gazebo Boardwalk Guardrail Gallery

  • Suzhou Jindehai Hardware Screen

  • Wuxi Juguangfu Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Zhongsen aluminum alloy doors and windows

  • Chongqing Huiya Custom Furniture

  • Pineapple Pie Third Party Home Improvement Supervision

  • Yizhou Anxin Decoration

  • Laozhan Ancient Wooden House Covered Bridge Gazebo Stage Water Windmill

  • Shun Jie Lab

  • Ingersoll Rand air compressor sales maintenance

  • Atlas oil-free centrifugal air compressor

  • Oxfranson