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about us

Guizhou Tongren Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. is upgraded from the brand of Tongren Yizhou Software Development Co., Ltd., and has absorbed more talents on the basis of the same people. 。 Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides network information technology application planning, website construction, software development, WeChat public account development, applet development, independent website operation, e-commerce sales and services to various enterprises and institutions and government agencies. Company .

The company has a high-quality and experienced R & D team and technical support team. Since the establishment of Yizhou in March 2004 and its upgrade to Wuling World in 2013, it has not only relied on its own technical and design advantages to create many or large or large Small outstanding engineering projects have even more ingeniously put forward the business concept of "brand services", that is, the company undertakes "high-quality engineering and branded services" regardless of the size of the business undertaken by the company.

The company's R & D scope includes collaborative OA office automation systems, industry charging management systems, and website content management systems. To date, many products have been used in various fields. In the process of providing services to customers, we have established good mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with customers. , Won a good reputation, trusted by customers. With the rapid development of industrial informationization, we will, as always, dedicate more advanced and reliable products, as well as better and more efficient services to our customers.


Let the case speak
Only through a thorough and thorough understanding of customers can we understand the needs of customers, build a website that meets customer needs and provide a complete set of solutions. Therefore, Wuling Tianxia will conduct detailed demand analysis and investigation for the customers of each project. On the one hand, understand all aspects of the project and the entire industry, and on the other hand, understand the needs of customers. The website contains two important parts, one is the image presented to people, and the other is the humanized use (function). We advocate "all work speaks", and only works can most intuitively reflect the capabilities of a service and development company. The interests of customers are demonstrated through cases. Under the premise of commercial design, success cases are the best persuasive force. We show our customers a large number of successful cases. These cases are very intuitive. Customers can understand from these intuitive cases whether our development capabilities are valuable to them and consider whether we need our services.

Technology is the guarantee of our survival and development
Leading technology is the basis for Wuling Tianxia to provide customers with high-quality Internet services and technology development. The network industry is a new and fast-growing industry, and it needs constant updated technology to respond to the pace of the times! With our long-term experience in industry development and sincere cooperation of an efficient team, we fully utilize the potential of each engineer to make them feel a good atmosphere in order to design and develop representative cases or products suitable for enterprise applications, so that To help your business gain informatization support in peer competition.

Perfect service system
Develop a series of professional and standardized customer service and guarantee systems according to the specific conditions of customers, provide professional services, ensure the quality of after-sales services, and achieve a win-win cooperation effect. We are confident that we can fully meet your current and future needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships. Make customers worry-free in later service!

in principle

Integrity and Integrity This is the first step in doing good things.
Respect the strategy The right strategy can make a good work, and the strategy is for sales.
Modest and pragmatic We firmly believe that only cats that catch mice are good cats, and we like to use works to speak.
Pay attention to efficiency Time is money, efficiency is life.
Pursuit of quality Each of our works is quality, and we are satisfied with ourselves and our customers.
Teamwork We only have a team that strives for the goals of our customers. We do not have individual heroes who are proficient in martial arts.