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帮客户做什么? What can the BSBY family portrait do for customers?

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BSBY Family Portrait

BSBY V series

Positioning-Enterprise Integrated Network Promotion Outsourcing Solution- Basic Level

企业网络推广基础差、没沉淀、品牌弱的问题 V series solves the core problems of customers: the problem of poor network promotion, no precipitation, and weak brand

第一、网站标准维护与SEO推广 第二、产品B2B信息推广 第三、品牌推广 V three core services First, website standard maintenance and SEO promotion Second, product B2B information promotion Third, brand promotion

BSBY G series

Positioning-Enterprise official website in-depth operation solution- private customized level

官网运营转化与搜索排名问题 The G series solves the core problems of customers: the conversion of the official website operation and the search ranking problem

第一、官网每日监控 第二、图片处理代上传 第三、网站深度SEO操盘 第四、深度软文 第五、节日营销氛围营造 第六、月度计划与报告 The six core services of the G system are first, the daily monitoring of the official website, the second, the image processing and uploading the third, the in-depth SEO operation of the website, the fourth, the in-depth soft article, the fifth, the festival marketing atmosphere, and the sixth, monthly plans and reports.

BSBY S series

Positioning- Baidu Account Generation Service

百度付费推广如何少花钱、客户多的问题 S series solve the core problems of customers: how to spend less money and have more customers

第一、改善账户质量度 第二、监督账户 第三、配合客户随时调整关键词 第四、挖掘潜力关键词 第五、优化标题创意 第六、每月提供数据报表 The six core services of the S department are first, improving account quality, second, supervising accounts, third, adjusting keywords with customers at any time, fourth, tapping potential keywords, fifth, optimizing headline ideas, sixth, providing monthly data reports