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Tongren Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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Tongren Maternal and Child Health Care and Family Planning Service Center (Tongren Maternal and Child Health Care Center) was founded in 1984. It is a deputy county-level public institution managed by the Tongren City Health and Family Planning Commission's financial budget and is a non-profit public government There are nearly 300 people in the health care institution and the hospital, with more than 80 senior and middle-level professional titles. The hospital is located at No. 456 East Taida Road, Bijiang District (formerly the Second Doctor). It covers an area of 43.82 acres and a building area of nearly 15,000 square meters. The "Baby-Friendly Hospital" is also a Class III Maternal and Child Health Hospital that integrates prevention, health care, medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research.
The hospital has internal medicine, geriatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatal, anesthesia, traditional Chinese medicine, child health, women's health, pregnancy care, family planning services, physical examination centers, hemodialysis rooms, inspection departments, Pharmacy, functional (B-ultrasound), radiology and other clinical medical technology departments. It has advanced 16-row spiral CT, DR, molybdenum target, Olympus laparoscope, imported 4D color ultrasound, storz hysteroscope and other advanced medical equipment. The hospital adheres to the combination of health care and clinical practice, and constantly expands the field of health care services, focusing on the development of perinatal health care, counseling during pregnancy, mental health for women and children, adolescent health care, elderly health care, women's nutrition counselling, women's disease census, child health care, etc. To open a series of special clinics for health professionals, establish a comprehensive health care service system for women and children at all stages, and make diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, multiple diseases, and intractable diseases, such as internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and more. At the same time, as a municipal maternity and child health care hospital, it also undertakes the business guidance, management, supervision, and training of maternity and child health care staff and implementation of various maternal and child health care indicators and tasks for maternal and child health institutions in 2 districts and 8 counties.

Address: No.456 East Taida Road, Bijiang District, Tongren City, Guizhou Province

Postcode: 554300

Phone: 0856-5224545

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