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Site construction project is and what is not to be charged?

Posted: 2018-10-05 15:32 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times
Many customers have doubts, do they have to quote and charge separately for each service after finding an Internet company for the website? It's not. According to the contract, and each network's own internal service standards, some projects are also included in the establishment of the contract. However, since each project has a project start date and a project deadline, these are agreed in the contract. Therefore, if you want to obtain more free service items from network companies, you must be before the contract deadline, otherwise the project team will be disbanded after the project ends, and the cost of services will be very high, and the general network companies may refuse. However, before the construction of the website, the project team members are still in the process of construction, so some service projects may be done by the way, and powerful network companies are not good at requiring additional payment for a small service.
So what are the free service items for general station building projects? Taking Wuling Tianxia Network as an example, for high-end website construction service projects, we will provide the following free value-added services:
1. Assist in domain name registration and website filing;
2. WeChat public account and applet registration certification;
3. Generate a site map and submit a Baidu site map;
4. 20 product themes are revised and put on the shelf;
5. After the website is delivered, 3 banner pictures are free for 1 year service period;
6, 2 free website maintenance instructions;
7, free server deployment, website program deployment (requires the purchase of a server designated by us to enjoy this service, or the purchase of an Alibaba Cloud server associated with Wuling Tianxia Network Alibaba Cloud service provider account)
8. During the 1-year service period, the server (system, program) is upgraded safely and the loopholes are fixed;
9.Analyze typical data such as server traffic, access, and load to guide subsequent operations and maintenance;

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