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Ali cloud filing verification issues

Posted: 2018-10-05 15:35 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times
To ensure true record information is valid, the recent success has been filed against Ali cloud data to conduct a comprehensive verification, missed the phone to hear the review site, will default to the body or person in charge mobile phone failure (shutdown, empty number, no one answered .. ....), to be required rectification within the specified time, if not the rectification within a prescribed time successful, could lead to access site for the record number has been canceled or is canceled, affecting access your site properly.
1. The phone number of the principal or the person in charge of the website is still in use, but for other reasons, the audit call of Alibaba Cloud has not been received.
Check the review feedback email sent by Alibaba Cloud to the filing mailbox, call 95187, press 3--4--0 to transfer to the manual customer service, and provide the filing number in the email to Alibaba Cloud customer service. The situation, let the customer service and the auditor feedback, apply for a second audit, the second audit received a call without the need to rectify the record information.
2. The phone number of the principal or the person in charge of the website is no longer available, and Alibaba Cloud's audit call cannot be received.
It takes about 20-30 working days to prepare the mobile phone number of the subject and the person in charge of the website, the email address, the front and back photos of the ID card, a copy of the business license, and the photo of the business license holder holding the business license.
Note: Wuling Tianxia Network will actively assist the enterprise in consulting and assisting with the filing and verification. However, since most of the filing information is the information of the main body of the website, Alibaba Cloud will not directly contact Wuling Tianxia Network. Alibaba Cloud's record checking and verification. The calling number of Alibaba Cloud's checkup is generally 95187. Please pay attention to answering. For personal reasons, if the company fails to answer Alibaba Cloud's audit call and refuses to cooperate with Alibaba Cloud's filing and verification, the filing shall be cancelled by the enterprise.
According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, Alibaba Cloud conducts a comprehensive verification of the data that has been successfully filed. The record verification is conducted by spot checks and will continue. Customers who are unclear about the filing and verification process can call Wuling World Service Hotline: 0856-5202348 to customer service for consultation. Thank you for your active cooperation!

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