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Website backstage password is forgotten, how to do?

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Because website operation and maintenance is long-term, it is a marathon-style job. 网站维护 运维过程中,由于运维人员工作交接失误、维护文档丢失,都可能出现忘记或丢失网站后台密码的情况。 Therefore, in the process of website maintenance operation and maintenance, due to operation and maintenance personnel's mistakes in handover and loss of maintenance documents, it is possible to forget or lose the website background password.
What should I do if I lose or forget my background password?
In fact, for network companies, many customers have encountered similar situations, in fact, it is not difficult to forget the background password.
1. By modifying the login page code and modifying the login password verification method, first log in to the system background, then modify the password by changing the password menu, and finally restore the login page code; 2. According to the program's password generation algorithm rules, construct a password Encrypt the string, replace the password field data in the original database, and then you can log in with the new password; for the case of lost passwords, you usually need to contact the website construction company that did the website at that time to handle it, but generally there are technical network companies that simply read the website The source program can recover the website background password. After forgetting the password, the person in charge of the corporate website should contact the website construction company to explain the situation for the first time, and the development engineer or security engineer of the website construction company will handle it. Do not handle it at will. Because sometimes it is not that we remember the password incorrectly, but that the hacker has tampered with the password. Therefore, tell the network construction company (such as the 1: 1 full-time technical service engineer designated by Wuling Tianxia to your unit) for the first time. In addition to helping you recover your password, their security engineers will perform security analysis on the server and website to ensure the website. Security.
Although it is not terrible to forget the background password during website maintenance, it is very important to cultivate the security awareness and property protection awareness of enterprise website operation and maintenance personnel. If it is forgotten password, if the password is lost and obtained by a hacker, then the hacker can tamper with the website information through the background password.

a1b0e159cff011963842977a234df4fd或 cff011963842977a),这样也可以比较轻松的修改密码了。 If you have certain network knowledge and can operate the website files and database files, you can also enter the database administrator table and replace the MD5 string of the administrator password with the MD5 string of known passwords (such as MD5 of The string is a1b0e159cff011963842977a234df4fd or cff011963842977a), so you can easily change the password.

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