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The Tongren enterprise does not need to build a corporate website after developing a small program?

Posted: 2018-10-20 14:12 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

At present, the popular option for technology development is APP or WeChat Mini Program, so many Tongren companies feel that the website is a dispensable thing. So, is the corporate website really worthless? This is not the case. Corporate websites still have a lot of potential value. What potential value can it bring to the business.

1.Improve corporate image

Small and medium-sized enterprises should pay more attention to the beauty of website design, because the scale or strength of small businesses is not strong enough, but a high-end corporate website can give visitors an illusion that this company is very good. Medium and large corporate websites should pay more attention to the image of the website, so there will always be creative image display on the corporate website.

2. Rapid development of e-commerce

The representative platforms of e-commerce are Tmall and JD. Enterprises only need to update the products on it, fill in the price and product information, and users can pay for the purchase directly and wait for the express delivery. During this period, the corporate website is like an automatic sales machine. All the company has to do is to do a good job of product introduction, delivery and after-sales service.

3.Business and customer communication platform

The corporate website can show the company's latest information, latest offers, frequently asked questions, corporate culture, corporate honors, etc., so that potential customers can better understand the company and trust the company, thereby promoting a bridge between the two parties. Enterprise websites generally have online customer service consultation and online feedback. Companies can understand customer needs and make service plans as soon as possible, which can convey information faster.

4. Product or service display

Companies can describe their products and services in more detail on the website. Take Tmall as an example. Each product has a specification parameter and a graphic introduction. According to the detailed description of the advantages and differences of the product, users' desire to buy is stimulated.

5.Get feedback or survey feedback

Companies can post surveys online to get customer feedback. The questionnaire is to better understand the needs of customers, and the feedback is to find some shortcomings of the company itself, so that changes can be made in a timely manner.

For this reason, it is not difficult to see the value and role of applets and website construction. Applets are not a substitute for corporate websites. Each area has its own advantages. How to plan for a specific company, you may wish to consult first whether the company needs it, and it is best to know what is suitable.

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