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1. What is a business Internet information service? What is a non-operational Internet information service?
According to Article 3 of the "Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services of the State Council" (Order No. 292 of the State Council), "operating Internet information services" refers to services such as providing paid information to Internet users or making web pages through the Internet. "Non-operating Internet information service" refers to the service activities of providing open and shared information to Internet users free of charge through the Internet.
2. How to modify the record information?
According to the existing process, after submitting the website record information, users can modify the information through the access service provider's enterprise record system, or modify it by their access service provider. The purpose is to strengthen the record service responsibility of the access service provider and reduce The website sponsors bear the burden of filing for themselves. For details, please consult your access service provider.
3. When submitting new record information, the system prompts how to deal with the main body conflict?
The requirements of the filing system for the subject must be unique, that is, a subject can only have one filing number. Judging subject conflicts is not based on the name of the sponsor, but on whether the subject is unique based on the "certifier type + certificate number" of the sponsor. If the subject is prompted to conflict, it means that the document number already exists in the filing database. You can check whether the subject certificate number has been registered through the public inquiry of the filing system . If you want to cancel the subject conflict, please contact the communications authority where the record number was issued, and submit the corresponding certification materials as required before the cancellation.
4. When submitting new record information, the system prompts how to deal with domain name conflicts?
If you find that your domain name has been previously registered by others during the filing process, it may be because you have already registered it before or someone has purchased and registered the domain name before registering your domain name. You can also inquire about the registration site of the domain name in the public inquiry on the registration website (the first word of the registration number is the abbreviation of the province), and contact the local communications bureau to apply for the cancellation of the website, and submit the corresponding certification materials as required. Log out.
5. What should I do if I forget the record password?
Method 1: You can retrieve it through the filing system. Log in to , there is a "Retrieve Filing Password" button in the lower right corner, select the province where the main body is located, and enter "Filing / License Number, Certificate Type, Certificate Number" in the pop-up web page. Click Submit. If the information is filled in correctly, the system will send a new record password to the E-mail you registered that year.
Method 2: If your record information is filed by the access provider, you can contact the access provider who registered for the record to tell you how to retrieve the record password.
Method 3: You can also get back the filing password by contacting the communications authority where the filing number was issued, and providing the relevant supporting materials as required.
6. Is there a difference in the website filing process in the new and old filing systems?
The upgraded website filing management system realizes the three-tier filing management service model of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the communications administration bureaus, and access service enterprises. On the basis of the service function of the original website record management system, a communication administration level and access service enterprise-level website record management system has been added. The website host only needs to submit a filing application to the access service company. After the access service company checks, it submits the filing information to the filing system of the Communications Authority. The communications authority conducts a review. Into service companies.
7. What kind of information content should be pre-approved?
According to Article 5 of the "Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services" (Order No. 292 of the State Council) and other relevant regulations, it is planned to engage in Internet information services such as news, publishing, education, health care, drugs and medical equipment, culture, radio, film and television programs, etc. If the administrative regulations and relevant national regulations shall be reviewed and approved by the relevant competent authority, the relevant administrative department shall also submit the documents approved by the relevant competent authority to the Provincial Communications Administration where the domicile is located when performing the filing procedures.
8. How long does it take to file a review?
According to Article 12 of the "Administrative Measures for the Recording of Non-operating Internet Information Services" (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Information Industry), after receiving the filing materials submitted by the filing party, the Provincial Communications Administration should complete the work in twenty The record shall be filed within days; if the materials are not complete, the record shall not be filed, and the recorder shall be notified and reasons given within 20 working days. For the first filing, the user's filing information must be verified by the access provider before being delivered to the Communications Authority for review; if the filing information is modified, the last modification date of the filing information is the initial calculation time. Weekdays do not include statutory holidays and weekends.
9. My website only has an independent IP address. Do I need to go through the online filing procedure without a domain name?
need. Regardless of whether your website is accessed through a domain name or an IP address, as long as non-operating Internet information services are provided within the territory of the People's Republic of China, the filing procedures must be completed.
10. If a filing unit has two websites at the same time, can the two websites be filed under the same subject?
No, if the main body of the two websites is the same filing unit, then the two websites can only be filed under the same main body.

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