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Alibaba Cloud suspects large-scale failure

Posted: 2019-03-03 14:18 Source: Author face to face event: Han Dapeng click: Times
Netizen @ 辣 笔 小 球 feedback on Weibo
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Alibaba Cloud Suspected Downtime, Passed Several Internet Company App Websites Paralyzed
Sina Technology News in the early morning of March 3, many netizens reported on Weibo this morning that Alibaba Cloud suspected of a large-scale failure.
The blogger @ 辣 笔 小 球 said that quite a number of Internet companies in North China have exploded, and the App and website have all been paralyzed. A large number of programmers and operations and operation and maintenance specialists have climbed from the bed to work for the company. Some netizens said that some parts of Alibaba Cloud North China are suspected to be faulty, suspected to be disk problems, and some hard disks are inaccessible. Any system software or service program that reads and writes the faulty disk will be affected.
In response to this, Alibaba Cloud official responded to Sina Technology in the early morning that IO HANG appeared in instances such as ECS servers in Part C of the North China 2 Availability Zone, and was gradually recovered after emergency investigation and processing. In addition, compensation will be made as soon as possible according to the agreement. (Han Dapeng)
The following is the full response of Alibaba Cloud:
About IO HANG of ECS server in Part C of North China 2 Availability Zone
In the early morning of March 3, 2019, Beijing time, IO HANG appeared in instances such as ECS servers in Part C of the North China 2 Availability Zone, and was gradually recovered after emergency investigation and processing. At present, we have comprehensively investigated other regions and availability zones, and we have not found such a situation.
We are very sorry for the impact! If you have any questions, you can feedback at any time through the phone ticket, thank you for your understanding and support!
For this failure, we will deal with compensation as soon as possible in accordance with the SLA agreement.
Why is the fault highly concerned?
Some netizens teased, "Alibaba Cloud goes down every year, this year is particularly early!"
Why does Alibaba Cloud cause an uproar in the social network every time "downtime" occurs?
According to Alibaba Cloud's description, its market share in China's public cloud market exceeds two to five in total. Currently, 40% of China's websites operate on Alibaba Cloud, and half of the unicorn companies are also using Alibaba Cloud.
On June 27 last year, Alibaba Cloud had a large-scale failure ("Alibaba Cloud's" shock "for 1 hour: Are we 0.1%?"), At the time, the official reasons for the failure were: MQ, NAS, OSS Waiting for some functions of the product to have abnormal access for about an hour.
"Double-edged sword" has advantages and disadvantages
The head of China ’s Ping An Operation and Maintenance Department pointed out in an interview with Sina Technology that cloud services are a “double-edged sword”. On the one hand, it does bring convenience to many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the impact and loss to the enterprise is also huge.
"Many large companies will choose cloud service providers scatteredly," said the person in charge. Generally, small businesses are limited by factors such as funds or personnel, and may put all services on the same brand of cloud services. And most medium-sized enterprises will choose multiple vendors to serve at the same time. However, there are differences in product attributes between different manufacturers, which may cause data to fail to be synchronized.

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