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The filing process (units / enterprises) of Western Digital Electronic Online Inspection has also been accelerated!

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1. Fill in the information verification record type
a. The system will select the enterprise based on the domain name and credentials you filled in, and the nature of the unit, and the system will automatically verify your filing type:
b. Confirm the type of equipment:

2. Fill in the information of the sponsors according to the rules of each province
c. Fill in the organizer information

d. Fill in the correspondence address of the organizer

e. Fill in the information of the person in charge of the organizer

3. Fill in the website responsible person information and website information
* (Optional) Pre-approval: Websites in the news, publishing, pharmaceutical and medical device, culture, radio, film and television programs, education, healthcare, online reservation cars, and electronic bulletin boards. Local authorities handle the corresponding pre-approval procedures.
* For the website registration code, please refer to " How to obtain the website registration code "

a. Fill in the information of the person in charge of the website

b. Fill in the record website information

4. Scan the QR code with WeChat to enter the verification applet

a. Read the notes for the province where the record is filed
This section takes Sichuan as an example, and other provinces' filing notes have been based on the actual province.

b. Scan the QR code to check the business license of the enterprise \ Company inspection \ Website verification

c. Upload the special requirements documents of each province according to the requirements of each province.

5.Scan the QR code to enter the mobile applet verification interface, and perform the verification according to the prompt steps.
a. Reading business license shooting instructions

b. shooting the original business license

6. Use the mobile applet to shoot the front and back of the ID of the person in charge of the website

7. Use the mobile applet to complete the portrait detection of the person in charge of the website and generate a new record verification photo
* Recording portrait online detection needs to keep the network open.It is recommended to use 4G network or WIFI environment.

8.Complete the data authenticity promise on the mobile applet

9. Complete online electronic verification

10. Return to the filing website to complete the submission of final information

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