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Tongren Education and Training Industry Mini Program Construction Case

Posted: 2019-03-01 16:11 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

In recent months, various industries have begun to make small programs, such as cosmetics, clothing, travel, catering, and so on. So how do you do applets in the education industry? Education and training institutions, such as: training institutions, study abroad institutions, etc. do you need to make small programs? Everyone knows that no matter what period of Internet development, various training institutions have always been an evergreen tree in the business model. Similarly, with the development and expansion of the industry, more and more training institutions have appeared on the market, and competition between them has become increasingly fierce. "It's getting harder and harder to get students to come to class." Indeed, the competition is great, and the market is not so good. So today's WeChat mini program is coming, can it bring some new opportunities to the training industry?
If the content attribute of the public account is strong, then for the applet, the tool attributes will be more prominent. The emergence of small programs still gives us a lot of new imagination. There are many small program solutions for education and training industry.

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