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Can a company apply for multiple bear palms to bind the same URL?

Posted: 2019-03-13 13:50 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times
Bear Palm is now the main Baidu search traffic platform promoted by Baidu. In the future, 80% of Baidu's traffic will come from Bear Palm, so companies now have to pay attention to the use of Bear Palm, so everyone has registered for Bear Palm. But in the process, some people have suggested that since Bear Palm is so popular, can I register multiple accounts, and then these multiple accounts can be bound to the same URL? I believe that many webmasters and bear paw users will have various questions about this issue.
We know that since the launch of the Bear Palm, many people have been in hot registration. After the Bear Palm was registered, it was found that the Bear Palm is different from the QQ number and WeChat. You can apply it if you want. The premise of using the platform function of Bear Palm is that you must bind a site to it. So many webmasters and business users will ask, I only have one company URL, but I need to register multiple bear palms, so can multiple bear palms I apply for be tied to the same URL only?
In fact, it is possible. The number of registered bears issued by Baidu is five. That is, the same company can use the same domain name to register 5 different accounts, but the identity card and Baidu user account of each account registrant are unique. Generally speaking, it is the same company, and users can register five bear pawls with different properties with the IDs of five department managers and Baidu user names. Then use these accounts to bind the company's website.
If Baidu does not allow the same company to apply for multiple bear palms to bind to the same URL, then the cost for everyone to apply for bear palms is high. Every normal company doesn't have too many URLs. You say it's okay, you can do a lot of second-level and third-level domain names under the first-level domain name, but what Wuling World wants to tell you is that you can apply for a lot of bear's paw using multi-level domain names. However, one thing you have to pay attention to is that there are too many levels of domain names. In the later stage, when you run Bear Palm, you will easily fail to crawl content. This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your bear palm operation.
In Baidu's official "search resource platform", the directory structure of the website structure is so suggested, and the website is recommended to be built according to the flattening effect. That is, under the main site-site 1, site 2, site 3 is a tier. If you are below the main site-"first-level" website 1-"second-level" website 2-"third-level" website 3 Then the effect will be like stairs, too deep.
The directory hierarchy is too deep. When spiders crawl, spider crawling failures will occur. Therefore, no matter how well your article content is written, cannot be crawled by spiders, and website optimization cannot be performed, the content you provide will become an invalid resource. Therefore, it is possible for the same company to apply for multiple bear palms to bind the same URL, but it is recommended that the URL be a first-level domain name and a second-level domain name. Because it wo n’t be very good to crawl down, and no traffic will violate your original intention of registering Bear Palm.

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