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Tongren Automobile Industry Mini Program Construction Case

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Today's Chinese car ownership has reached 300 million, and there is no shortage of customers. What is lacking is a method of retaining customers and converting customers. Offline stores serve as a traffic entrance. Good service can make more mobile customers become loyal customers.
The development of applets to the present has already enabled many industries to show new energy. Similarly, applets are also positive for the automotive industry.
1. Connect online and complete O2O transformation
There are four methods for the applet to reach the owner: QR code, WeChat search box, WeChat group, and “Discover” page. With these four methods, Xiaochen Unit of the auto repair shop can effectively reach users. In addition, after the customer service enjoys the service, the template message of the applet can also send prompts for payment success, due maintenance notices, etc., to reach the customer multiple times and wake up the customer.
Second, offline scene-driven implementation of "instant" services
After going online, the mini-program can use the QR code as the main entrance. Users can enjoy the service "instantly" through the WeChat scan function, eliminating the once complicated "downloading" link. Repeatedly, there will be more WeChat mini programs based on the user experience of offline services and different service scenarios, so that users can enjoy the convenience of online services during the offline experience.
Third, combined with the public account to achieve "sticky" services
Although Zhang Xiaolong mentioned that the WeChat mini-program is run out, but for enterprises, through a long period of public account operation, WeChat has been one of the important channels to reach users, and has accumulated a large number of fans and members. Combining the public number platform that is pushed as a message with small programs that bear service capabilities increases user stickiness and creates more business value. The public account can be added to the applet entrance, leading a large number of fans to the applet's services and appointments. The in-depth value-added service function will increase user stickiness and promote sales conversion.
Fourth, refined operations
The behavior of the owner in the applet is identified by the management system to identify user value and product purchase propensity, and the public account is used to implement targeted service content guidance. For valuable users, use preferential means to display and recommend on the applet to attract Customers get discounts to complete precision marketing. Mini Programs can be given different capabilities across industries. Mini Programs, as a new ecology, help WeChat to fully connect offline. The auto accessory industry serves as a natural offline "Aboriginal". The auto industry + small programs will certainly have a bright future.

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