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Eight Features of Wuling Tianxia Enterprise Post Office
1. Mobile Enterprise Mail

2.Corporate Wechat

3.Tracking and withdrawal

4. Powerful management platform

5.Enterprise cloud disk

6.Email monitoring

7.Mail moving

8.Mail review

common problem
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    What is a corporate mailbox? What's the difference with a personal email?


    1. The corporate mailbox is an email address with the corporate domain name as a suffix, for example: name @ Corporation Domain Name.
    2. The enterprise mailbox provides rich management and value-added functions. Enterprise administrators can assign accounts to employees, set different management permissions, and set up internal group sending groups.
    3. Enterprise mailboxes have a higher level of system stability and security than personal mailboxes, and have a larger capacity.

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    How to choose a business email?


    1. Pay close attention to the brand strength and product reputation of operators; China Telecom's mailboxes have the reputation of "Chinese e-mail experts", serve hundreds of millions of users, have a proprietary mail system and a number of mail patents, and have system stability and security as high as 99.9 %;
    2. Operators who are concerned about operating experience and have a long history of corporate email service have stronger problem solving and after-sales service capabilities; China Telecom's email professional service company for 16 years is the first service provider in China to launch corporate email. The industry's most abundant operational capabilities, providing 7 * 24 hours of professional technical support;
    3. According to the requirements of enterprise applications, select on demand, pay attention to mailbox performance, supplemented by value-added functions.

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    What benefits can China Telecom enterprise mailboxes bring to enterprises?


    Enterprise mailbox is a mailbox for business users, suitable for business applications! Benefits provided to the company:
    1. Improve corporate image in an all-round way After using corporate mailboxes, all employee emails are in the form of "name @ company domain name", which helps to establish a unified corporate image.
    2. Overcoming the impact of employee mobility When employees leave, corporate mailboxes can be retrieved smoothly, thereby retaining and continuing all business contacts. Avoid using personal mailboxes. Employees will use the contact information of personal mailboxes to take customers away after leaving office.
    3. Safe and stable service. High-quality enterprise mailboxes are far superior to personal mailboxes in terms of security, stability, and anti-virus and anti-spam functions. They also have special after-sales service support. Service requirements and quality assurance are more suitable for business applications .
    4. Mail backup and communication monitoring use corporate mailboxes uniformly. Enterprises can easily back up and monitor work emails, ensure mail security, prevent accidental mail loss, and retain original data for future reference.
    5. Convenient management, collaborative office corporate mailboxes can be easily managed by themselves, and users can be freely created, allocated capacity, grouped, group sent, set functions, etc. At the same time, the enterprise mailbox can realize advanced functions such as automatic mail sorting and automatic answering, improving work efficiency, enhancing information communication and collaborative office.
    6. Online promotion and product promotion Through the enterprise mailbox, more users can understand the information of the enterprise; with the enterprise mailbox, the daily communication can easily be accompanied by the promotion and product promotion.

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    What should I do if the company staff increases and the account number is not enough?


    When the number of employees increases, you can purchase additional users at any time during the service period according to the needs of the company, and you only need to make up the corresponding difference according to the remaining time of the service.

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    How can I ensure the security of my mailbox?


    1. Change the password regularly. The password can be composed of English letters, numbers, and special characters.
    2. After logging in to the mailbox, you can log out of the mailbox using the full logout method, instead of closing the browser directly, please click "Logout" in the upper right corner.
    3. Avoid disclosing your email address on the Internet, protect your user information, and eliminate historical records after exiting your mailbox.