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How to do Internet branding?

There is a new term for Internet brand promotion called digital marketing. Digital marketing is a newly developed marketing model that uses Internet features and technologies to more effectively and cost-effectively complete integrated marketing plans to reach efficient customers that traditional IMC cannot reach. Relationship management, etc., so as to accurately implement marketing strategies to achieve high efficiency, low cost and great impact on corporate marketing. It can be understood in two meanings: network integrated marketing is the fastest, most effective, and most accurate integrated marketing using network technology and network characteristics to maximize; network integrated marketing is based on providing customers with valuable information, and customers Create and disseminate network marketing based on integrated marketing concepts.

What problems does the brand encounter in promotion?

As a brand owner, do you have such confusion?
● There have been Internet brand websites for a long time, but I do n’t know how to use them, and the Internet has not created any economic benefits for you!
● I hope to get benefits through network promotion, but in the face of the complicated and endless network promotion concepts and methods in the market, it is dazzling, but I can't start!
● I spent a lot of money on website promotion, but it did n’t work. I do n’t know where the problem lies?
● Seeing competitors grow fast, but do n’t know exactly how they use the secrets of online marketing?

What does Wuling World do?

When our clients determine the need for digital marketing communications, we will provide the following services:
Marketing website construction, internet research, search engine marketing (SEO and SEM), soft text marketing (blog marketing, forum marketing, SNS marketing, news marketing, permission email marketing), word-of-mouth marketing (circle marketing, community marketing, blog marketing) Group marketing (Internet advertising, forum marketing, SNS marketing, IM and QQ group marketing). The above-mentioned communication shall be organically integrated in marketing promotion, and a communication marketing plan shall be formulated.

1. Provide promotional materials and goals, and provide quotations.
2. Provide marketing website solutions.
Third, identify the keywords of communication.
Fourth, determine the search engine marketing strategy, keyword selection.
Fifth, carry out background data analysis to determine online advertising copy.
6. Develop a viral marketing plan and identify blog marketing, forum marketing, and SNS marketing carriers.
Seven, determine the overall plan of news marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing.
8. Develop a network integrated marketing communication plan.
Nine, effect evaluation.
10. Provide dissemination reports.