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More than ten types of network security protection, detection and monitoring tools make Daiwei more professional.
A higher level of security protection, with a complete solution for server security and website hanging. It can be confirmed that, for our server users, we can 100% prevent websites from being hung up, preventing black chains, and preventing tampering.
7 * 24 technical support: Our company is equipped with specialized technical personnel to provide 7X24 customer service. You can contact us through any method such as QQ, email or telephone, so that you can enjoy high-quality, detailed and perfect after-sales service at any time. And technical support.
Proactive service: We regularly arrange technical engineers to comprehensively check the server, including "patch update", "security check", "hardware detection", "performance test", "defragmentation"; at the same time, inform the user of the results so that you can use them More at ease.

Service type Standard type Enhanced Luxury

service fee


元/年 ¥ 3000元/半年 ¥ 1800元/季度 ¥ 5,000 per year ¥ 3,000 per half year ¥ 1800 per quarter 元/年 ¥ 5000元/半年 ¥ 3000元/季度 ¥ 8,000 / year ¥ 5,000 / half a year ¥ 3,000 / quarter 元/年 ¥ 7000元/半年 ¥ 4000元/季度 RMB 12,000 / year RMB 7000 / half year RMB 4000 / quarter

operating system

Windows 2003/2008/2012 Windows 2003/2008/2012 Windows 2003/2008/2012

Service Content

Website building


Software installation

System monitoring and optimization

Weekly checkup

Our engineers check the server manually every Tuesday, including "patch update", "security check", "hardware test", "performance test", and "defragmentation". At the same time, the results are notified to users by SMS and email.

Service standards

service hours

Working day 9: 00-22: 00 Working day 9: 00-24: 00 Daily 9: 00-24: 00

responding speed

30 minutes 30 minutes 10 minutes

Site restrictions

0-2 3-10 11-30

Emergency Response

Free 1 time Free 3 times Free 5 times

Onlooker service

- -

Value-added services

Local backup

Offsite backup


Tamper-resistant system

- -

Database synchronization

- 2 databases 5 databases

Cloud storage space

- 20G (3M bandwidth) 50G (5M bandwidth)

CDN acceleration

- 1 3

Load balancing (distributed)

- 1 time 3 times

other instructions:
1. The service period of the above products is one year, and the follow-up fee can continue to service when it expires.
一名 技术和一名客户经理。 2. Each user is assigned a technology and an account manager.
3. The user can contact us through a dedicated phone, QQ, etc.

Charge per service