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Advocating the era of all free, is cheap website design desirable?

Posted: 2018-06-28 22:05 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times
Free seems to be from the beginning of the 360 security guards, 360 free kill with the "Rising", "Kaspersky." Then, with the low price of millet reached the "battlefield" of intelligent terminals, and received a welcome place. Until now, more and more people get used to using something free or cheap stuff.
Ma said, and from a marketing point of view, "free" mode is a marketing strategy, the business is a play of emotional marketing card. Business people love to use the cheap characteristics, by providing a number of "free" products or services to attract more customers, thus laying the groundwork for the next marketing. We often see discounted merchandise before buying is always full of people, even if they are not that eager to get the goods.
Free for charge, this is our consensus. In the course of the business from the customer to the toll free service guide service full of unpleasant - the lack of options, trampled upon, mandatory spending!
Do you think this has been miserable? Unfortunately, Ma said, "free to fee" refers to large companies! So for the average company?
In the wave of mobile Internet and the highly entrepreneurial, many start-up companies, to build a platform after the start of the financing plan. The user data is most investors like to see. If you have a large user base, then you have a better chance to thaw money. Then the remaining 90% of the financing that the failure of the enterprise? It is true that you have purchased the service at a low price, but once the platform financing fails and no longer continues to operate, then the time, energy and resources you invest in this platform will be drained, and everything will have to start from scratch.

free? What does a business do to make money?
In general, if something is advertised as free, then we have to think about it: free? What does the company rely on to make money?
In today's era, free economics has become an emerging discipline. However, "there is no free lunch."
网站建设 也是一样,很多公司、平台都打出了宣传口号,价格低至xxx元。 The same is true for website construction . Many companies and platforms have advertised slogans with prices as low as xxx yuan. Please come in at a price that is too low to think about. In fact, a platform account is provided to you. There is no one-on-one service, no technical guidance, and if there is a problem, you can only ask for help on the forum, or make a call that is always busy. In the past, a friend inadvertently saw a template website advertisement in a certain forum. The content of the advertisement was 399 yuan for the website, and it was optimized. As a result, the friend saw that the price was attractive, and then began to try to open. From the opening of the site to wait to do it later, we found that the site's many features are not, the server is not stable, then the theory with customer service staff services. But the other party gave a lot of cost theories, saying that changing this requires money, and opening it requires adding money.
代理网站 产品的公司,这些公司除了销售可能一个技术人员都没有,而剩下有技术研发能力的公司可能只有10家,而最终可能只有5家公司成立时间超过6年。 For Tongren, of the 30 online companies, 10 may be leather bag companies and 10 are agents of website products. These companies may not have a technical staff except for sales, and the remaining companies with technical research and development capabilities may only have 10 And eventually there may be only 5 companies that have been established for more than 6 years. Network companies like Wuling Tianxia Network Technology, which have served in the Tongren market for more than 10 years, are rare.
云建站和成品建站系统,但是我们从来不针对成熟的企业推广。 Wuling world Network Technology cloud and finished station Station system, but we never for a mature business promotion. 武陵天下网络科技 云建站和成品建站系统 ,无技术门槛自助建站,提供海量网站模板。 For Wuling world Network Technology cloud and finished station Station system, no technical threshold of self-help, providing massive site template. Registration 30 seconds, one minute self-help! 成熟 的企业使用吗? For businesses, SAAS autonomous station-based system, the cost for each additional station is really small, it can be said fairly cheap cost of siting, but the template is really suitable for mature companies stand to use it?
Free stuff in general are the lack of customization, no features, not flexible, and for the integration of mature companies, custom website design, design and brand, user experience is more important. So even if you can provide fast excellent low-cost solution to the user, but unless customer specified use, or will not take the initiative to recommend. Because so many companies registered every day, if you are on the site do not see the difference, using low-cost template station, then you have to rely on to beat the competition?

So why do some websites can seem so cheap it?
Many people asked why some sites have to charge to make a few thousand dollars, a few million or even several hundred thousand dollars, but many sites offer very cheap construction company, more than a thousand pieces, or even hundreds, why a site This disparity offer cheap cheaper in the end where?
1, the site requested features different prices are naturally different, relatively complex functions of the higher price of natural, simple function naturally low;
2, different levels of designers, designed the site visually and interactively on the gap considerably;
3, weak technological strength, low-quality site construction, shoddy, just go;
4, less services, poor quality of service, good mouth promised money at hand, to immediately change attitudes, what commitment, what service, all gone

Cheap website is not really cheap, trading at a loss no one will do business by eliminating the provincial construction site quality of the final compressed or website, and ultimately the loss of business or yourself.

So how to avoid transmission of the disease with low-cost production site construction scam?
1, not superstition company size, depending on the mental outlook of the company's employees, look at the efficiency of staff work;
2, depending on the person's Internet Matchmaking whether enough professional knowledge, if you can stand the perspective of the Internet to promote the recommendations of many projects;
3, unavoidably, we should design of the site content, delivery standards clearly out in the contract.

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