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Looking for a personal or studio building site?

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Sometimes I meet some customers. After consulting the site construction plan and price, they may feel that the price is higher than expected. At the same time, they may also know some individuals who will do the website. So is this approach undesirable?

For the construction of the site itself, the main cost is the cost of labor, which includes requirements discussion, art design, interaction design, front-end design, back-end program development, integration testing, system testing, online acceptance testing, website maintenance, and many aspect. 网站建设 到上线的一个成本进行估算。 You can compare the salaries of artists, front-end engineers, and PHP engineers in the recruitment market to estimate the cost of building an enterprise website . The main costs mentioned before do not include domain name registration, record filing, preparation of soft texts, data collection, and communication costs between the two parties.

   So is it reliable to find a personal or studio website?
Many individuals or studios often have xx years of website building experience. The front-end web page graphic design, front-end development, and back-end program development are all done independently, so the operating cost is low and the price is low. Larger companies need to hire employees in a variety of roles. At the same time, these individuals or studios who build websites often claim to win customer satisfaction with the best service and the cheapest price. But this is itself a pseudo-proposition. Some things must be recognized. Even if low prices are not equal to low quality, they are almost equal to low quality. Every link of the website construction needs professional staff. In the process of doing it, one cannot consider all things clearly, and he has a specialization in the art industry. It cannot do all links of the entire website. Can do a good job, once there are problems with the website itself, it will have a great impact.

If you choose an individual or studio to design and produce the website, then you will bear the possible risks, such as:
1. Choose an individual or studio to build the website. Due to the relatively large workload of the website construction and the large amount of content involved, it will take longer before and after, often the personal development time will not be guaranteed, and it is possible at any time. Affect the progress of website construction;
2. Selecting an individual or studio to build a website usually takes a long time to develop. Because for individuals or studios, once they encounter difficult problems or design bottlenecks during the development process, they basically cannot get help, and they can only be solved by individuals. This virtually prolongs the delivery time of the website, and this period of time may be the golden period of publicity for customers. If you miss it, you may lose a lot of money;
3. Choose an individual or studio to build the website. We have no way to sign a legally binding contract to restrict him. Whether the website can be delivered depends entirely on the moral standard of the person. In this case, customers often encounter studio dissolution. , The individual quits due to work,
4. Selecting an individual or studio to build a website, there is often no process control over the website project itself, and the project does not have planning, planning, code review, quality control, and delivery standards; the websites that are produced often fail to meet customer requirements or have large deviations .
搜索引擎 (SEO)也不友好。 5. The quality of the website code is generally poor, the coding specifications are not in place, the scalability and maintainability are poor, and it is not friendly to search engines (SEO). The launch of the website is only the first step. For the long-term development of the company, it is more important to have continuous publicity, exposure, and drainage. These sequelae actually have a greater impact on the enterprise, and may even cause long-term problems.

   Proposal from professional website design company Xunyou Network:
In fact, larger companies also have multiple full-stack development engineers and better project management. However, due to the company's normal expenses, various effective reviews, internal quality control and personnel training, the price can never be cheaper than an individual or a studio. But cheap website design ends up with extremely poor SEO rankings, poor user experience, difficult website maintenance, and poor website scalability.
However, for a regular online company, a regular online company such as Xunyou Networks generally follows these steps to build a website:
1. Before the contract is signed, we can conduct in-depth discussions on the client's projects and needs, and provide professional advice based on the Internet;
2. The contract can be signed after both parties have clearly defined the development content and delivery standards;
3. Establish project team side by side development progress according to contract delivery standards;
4 .... Enter the company's internal project management process
5. After the design of the website is completed, an internal technical review is performed first, and then it is transferred to the business review, and the customer is finally reviewed;
6, long-term website maintenance and soft text updates.

If you want to use, maintain, update, and optimize your website for a long time, you must find a professional team to complete the design and construction of the entire website.

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