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How to deal with website construction from font copyright to image copyright

Posted: 2018-07-05 21:42 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

Overnight, Baidu pictures are full of copyright protection. Website design and production of picture resources are becoming increasingly tight. How should network companies and webmasters respond?

In fact, copyright protection is becoming more and more important in China. Thanks to the rapid development of China's Internet, we have gradually become the exporter of intellectual property rights from pirated users. Speaking of last year ’s typeface copyright incident, last year (in fact, it has always been, but the previous volume was relatively small and did not cause social concern). First, Hanyi and Founder fonts issued a large number of negotiations, suing the website for font infringement, and went to Taobao. , and other large domestic website platforms, down to the general company and enterprise sites, have more or less received Hanyi, Founder font negotiation.

With Han Yi and Founder holding up the banner of copyright and killing the Quartet, companies including Panoramic and Huagai Creative also followed suit this year and began to "harvest" the major websites, which is the so-called "pigs grow up and then kill."

In fact, all patents, brands, and copyrights have a protection period. The reason for the existence of the protection period is to avoid the long-term monopoly of property rights that restricts social innovation.

Regardless of whether the font is good or the picture is good, if the creative part is not included in the finished product, such copyright will not be supported by the court. However, in order to avoid copyright disputes as much as possible, we also recommend that customers consider whether they are willing to invest in copyright at the beginning of website production. If you don't want to buy font copyright or picture copyright, then you should use fonts or pictures without copyright or independent copyright at the beginning of your website. At the same time, in the process of website operation, we must pay attention to maintaining the company's own picture material library in case it is needed from time to time.

There is a certain relationship between the homogeneity and low quality of the website, and the recognition of customers and social recognition. This is why Wuling Tianxia Network Technology is so resistant to template stations. The construction of corporate website should be designed according to the characteristics of the enterprise. There must be an artistic component in it, which is also different from other companies or brands.

From font copyright to image copyright, I believe that the website of each enterprise will have a unique design in the future.

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