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TinyPNG.ORG a compressed PNG god station

Posted: 2015-10-02 16:47 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

前端攻城师们在写网页时都会考虑的一个问题,今天小坊给各位带来了给前端攻城师们真正的良心网站---TinyPNG。 How to compress the pictures to be used on the webpage to the minimum is a problem that the front-end siegemen will consider when writing the webpage. Today, Xiaofang brings you a real conscience website for front-end siegemen- -TinyPNG.

It only takes two simple steps to compress the PNG format image you want to compress to a much smaller size without substantially affecting the quality of the image: 1. Open the URL:

将你要压缩的图片拖拽到网页中间的大框框内。 2. Select the PNG image you want to compress or drag the image you want to compress directly into the large box in the middle of the webpage.

3. After the compression is completed, click download to download.

可以压缩到50%以上哦 General pictures can be compressed to more than 50%

The front-end siege divisions no longer need to worry about the problem of too large pictures loading too slowly ~

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