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SEO keyword planning skills-defining brand words

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An important step in SEO optimization is keyword planning. Especially when we need to Baidu ranking optimization for a large number of keywords, we need to be reasonable keyword assigned to a different page on your website. In general, keyword planning can follow some principles. Keywords planning principles: find the hardest core of the word, the word to identify the brand to find product word, to find the same part of the keyword to find long tail words.
Brand words-as the name suggests, are the labels of the website, which are phrases that you want your audience to remember, and are specific, unique, and exclusive. We often say that 蹭 big names, 蹭 hot spots, etc. are all deceiving through imitation or counterfeiting to get traffic or attention from other brands.
Keyword planning principles:
1.Find out which are the hardest core words
2. Find out which words are brand words
3. Find out which words are product words
4.Find out which words have the same main parts
5. Find out which words are long tail
Because of the specificity, uniqueness, and exclusivity of brand words, it is easier to optimize words in search engine optimization. Because the brand keywords Baidu collection volume is generally relatively low. Moreover, for small and medium-sized enterprises, if it is a newly established brand, if it does not overlap with other big-name brand words, it can easily be the first page.
So how to find the brand word?
First understand the brand word:
Take Alibaba as an example, clearly keywords with corporate brand names, such as: Alibaba, Taobao, Taobao, Tmall, etc .;
Take Baidu as examples: Baidu, Baidu Cloud, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu webmaster platform, etc .;
Take Tencent as an example: Tencent's own brands include QQ, WeChat, and Tencent Video.
When we hear these words, we can easily associate with the enterprise itself. Through these examples, you can see that the so-called brand is the phrase (except the company name) that can represent your business. These brand terms can be company abbreviations, company star products, platform names, and so on.
The mining of brand words is relatively simple. Considering the privacy of customers, we will not specifically mention the brand words we finalized in this contract. I believe that through the above analysis, you should be able to easily find the brand word of the corporate website.
When it comes to brand words, I have to mention the competing words that people often overlook. The so-called competitor words are competitors' brand words. Many times we see that some large sites or more keyword optimized web site, usually to write copy based on the competitor's brand terms. The reason is simple, general business competitors doing themselves do. Competing products to optimize the use of the word may bring some unexpected traffic. Of course, by optimizing the competing products will be some word Zaoren held in contempt, bullying suspect. Whether or not to use competing products to optimize the word, can not see their own choice. Xiao Bian opportunity for everyone to be optimized for the analysis of competing products word.
Keywords for this series classification, planning and meticulous explanations, aims to provide advice site optimization. Website optimization need to analyze specific issues, different keywords combinations may have different analysis and implementation, and I hope that you learned.

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