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What does Tongren website maintenance include?

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When a website is established, it is necessary to maintain it. Generally speaking, corporate website maintenance generally includes: maintenance of website security, and daily maintenance of the website.
Website maintenance includes: 1, website maintenance program; 2, server or virtual host maintenance;
Website Routine maintenance includes: 1, soft paper, case update; 2, The data analysis; 3, SEO optimization and maintenance;
Website Maintenance
First, website maintenance program
1, site availability monitoring, whether the site was linked to the Trojan, and whether the page has been tampered with;
2, maintain, upgrade and backup site procedures;
3, website maintenance and backup of the database;
4, a web application framework, the operating environment of vulnerability discovery, repair, verification, check the site safety management to prevent hacking website;
5, regularly check the various features of the site, verify the availability of the site;
6, if the inquiry, marketing, e-mail, voice mail, text messaging and other interactive function module is present, the account information corresponding to the periodic inspection has been tampered with.
Second, the maintenance of the server or virtual host
1, the server periodically scanned for viruses and system vulnerability scanning;
2, the server system bug fixes;
3, server load assessment;
4, the elastic expansion of the server, the bandwidth of interim adjustment;
Website routine maintenance
First, the soft paper, case update
1, the site content is updated regularly updated website information (should pay attention to the contents of the update frequency), to achieve the original article;
2, website banner diagram (Carousel Figure) update.
Second, the data Analysis
1, Guestbook, inquiries and other information processing;
2, traffic analysis, and other third-party access to statistical data analysis;
Analysis, thermodynamic diagram, AB test, testing for the gradation effect of landing pages;
Three, SEO optimization and maintenance
1, optimize the internal website (page code, structure, layout and typesetting Keywords layout, etc.), the need to optimize the user experience (UEO) and search engines (SEO);
2, the external website optimization and promotion;
3, Friends of the chain increases, the chain;
4, optimization methods up to date and make adjustments according to the search engine algorithms.

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