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How should corporate website maintenance Tongren

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I often hear friends from the network maintenance department asking: Is it difficult to maintain the website? The company asked me to maintain our company's website. I do n’t know how to start !!!
Indeed, many customers now lack awareness to manage and maintain their websites! All aspects of website maintenance including website filing, initial optimization, traffic statistics, real-time consultation, style adjustment, column update, and image design are lacking in certain knowledge and concepts.
But building a website is only a necessary condition for success, and long-term maintenance, update, and optimization can make your website win the starting line for healthy growth.
For enterprises lacking website maintenance knowledge or manpower, professional website maintenance company Wuling Tianxia Network provides professional and targeted operation and maintenance, optimization, and promotion of technical guidance and solutions for all enterprises in need.
In general, Wuling Tianxia can provide the following basic website operation and maintenance services for transfer customers:
(1) Content update
1. Website content updates, 1-3 articles per week (if you have a lot of original materials, we will write completely original articles, if the materials are limited, we will write high-quality fake original articles);
2. Beautification of product pictures (1 free advertisement for major holidays), this can be agreed in the contract;
3. We update other information on the website, such as company profile and qualifications.
(2) Website maintenance
1. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, assist in completing the website's ICP filing (website filing) or public security filing;
2, domain and hosting space to resolve maintenance, domain name expiration reminder or on behalf of renewals, web space management, security, fault handling;
3. Responsible for detecting the operation of website programs and databases, solving general problems during the operation of the website, and ensuring the normal operation of the website;
4, monitor site traffic, track the IP number of sites visited, PR PV number, website, Aleax rankings included the number, keyword ranking and other monitoring parameters;
5, if necessary, adjust the column on the website, modify, edit and regular text and style content, links and inspection;
6, site safety periodic inspection, hanging horse, dark chain, black chain, updates and other system vulnerabilities;
7, modified preliminary Home layer structure, removing excess redundant code, and codes the separated js css code page, the page make smaller size, and faster loading;
8, add Baidu statistical code or code sharing website, customers can track and analyze website visits in real time;
9, regular backup program website, refused to lose any uploaded images and videos;
10, database backup, for general corporate stations, Wuling world twice a week of backup to ensure secure and reliable data is never lost.
(3) website SEO maintenance
For non-optimized customers:
If customers need it, Wuling World can provide keyword optimization suggestions and revision suggestions for the entire site for free. According to the situation of the website, we provide professional optimization and promotion plan planning, and integrate marketing ideas into the website, so as to improve the website exposure and conversion rate. It is recommended that we provide it for free, mainly to clarify the direction for future improvement.
For customers with optimized hosting, we will provide a pay-per-use solution and develop a comprehensive maintenance plan, including but not limited to the following:
1. Keyword analysis: According to the current status of the website, assist customers to enhance their understanding of website optimization and promotion, and identify keywords that customers need to optimize;
2. Basic optimization: Setting and optimizing the title, keywords, description, and meta tags of the homepage of the website;
3. Website optimization: basic optimization of the homepage content, modification of page labels, analysis of keyword density and weight, and preliminary optimization of the homepage based on SEO principles;
4. Friendly Links: According to the hosting website industry and weight exchange of 30-40 related industries, high-quality friendly links with considerable weight, and is responsible for maintaining the friendly website within one year of hosting website;
5. External links: Use various methods to strengthen the construction of external links on various website platforms. Within 3 months, Baidu domain syntax query and more than 50 external link records can be achieved, which will help improve website visibility and ranking.
6. Weight Import: Guide spiders for you every day, keep your site snapshots up-to-date, and collect more ideally;
7. Submission of mainstream search engines: Submit indexes of Baidu, 360, Sogou, Soso and other well-known search engines;
8. Guaranteed to be included: Ensure that your company's site name can be searched on Baidu.

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