Classic Case
  • Website of Tongren Development and Reform Commission
  • Tongren City Science and Technology Innovation Service Platform
  • Tongren Science and Technology Bureau
The price quoted by Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Website depends on the site's features, design requirements, technical development difficulty, and development hours.  
What's the difference between a 2,000-yuan website and a tens of thousands website? Many companies have only a vague concept of making a website, but they don't know what kind of website should be made, and how much money should be spent on the website. In other words, companies often don't understand the needs of the website. Wuling World Network thinks so:
If you just want to let customers know the company's contact information and product introduction through the website, and have simple communication functions, buying a set of one or two thousand yuan website template can already meet the needs.
If you want the website to be differentiated from competitors, the website can reflect the connotation of the brand, and the columns and functions of the website are in line with customer needs, then you should choose a customized website. Such a website must be at least 8,000 yuan to ensure the quality of the website. Meet customers' individual needs.
There are a few reasons why the standardization and customization prices differ so much:
Normally when we say standardized website, it is the concept of making a template. It is to unite the needs of the enterprise as much as possible. No matter what the enterprise is, the basic things are the same, as long as the company name and column name are replaced.
The so-called customized website is the concept of network services and network consultants ( First of all, first study the target customer group and competitors of the company, and then plan the website according to customer needs. The interface design, column planning, and function planning of the website are tailored for the enterprise.
Obviously, standardized and customized websites are very different in terms of labor and time costs, as well as in price. When choosing a website company, an enterprise must first clarify their needs and decide whether to choose a standardized website or a customized website, so that the gap between the input and output and the psychological expectations does not occur.
The current low level of website construction satisfaction reflects the fact that the website construction industry is immature and the website construction companies have different strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we also hope that companies can understand the value of website construction and find their own website positioning. They should not blindly win by price or blindly seek for more. All the latest website concepts must be matched. Customers need a pair of smart eyes to find a professional company that suits them, rather than just comparing prices or features, which ultimately reduces customer satisfaction.