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Wuling World Creative Space

Posted: 2016-02-01 11:10 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

Five questions for you now-
One question: Do you want to start a business? Are you starting a business? Are you starting a business in the blue ocean of big data and the internet?
Second question: You haven't the courage to try to start a business, just stay on the level of imagination!
Question three: You have a lot of ideas and innovations, but you can't be verified!
Four questions: In the process of starting a business, you encounter many problems such as projects, human resources, management, marketing, technology, funds, and so on!
Five questions: You are already a bit frustrated!

Where is the opportunity? ——

It doesn't matter, as long as you have a passion for entrepreneurship, as long as you continue to innovate, you still have a chance!
Chairman Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly mentioned "public entrepreneurship and innovation" and elevated it to one of the "dual engines" of China's economic transformation and growth growth, showing the government's emphasis on entrepreneurial innovation and the importance of entrepreneurial innovation. The significance of China's economy.
The General Office of the State Council issued and issued a programmatic document on "Crowd Space"-"Guiding Opinions on Developing Crowd Space and Promoting Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship". This is the first time that the “Zhongchuang Space” platform has been deployed at the national level to support public innovation and entrepreneurship.

Does Tongren have such a creative space? ——

Wuling Tianxia Zhongchuang Space was founded by Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is a new entrepreneurial service platform with strong professional service capabilities, at the same time, low cost, convenience, full elements, and openness. An open entrepreneurial ecosystem.
We not only provide ideal working space, cyberspace, social space, resource sharing space for entrepreneurs, but also provide the following comprehensive entrepreneurial innovation services:
1. Training: Internet, big data professional theory, case training and guidance;
2. Actual combat: Participate in the actual operation of Wuling World Big Data and Internet platforms;
3. Technical support: Professional technical team will escort your innovation projects;
4. Office space (network, server): free office environment is readily available;
5. Business registration: assist you in setting up a company;
6. Project declaration: assist you to declare project funds to the science and technology, development and reform departments;
7. Investment and financing docking: assist you in the roadshow of the project, attract angel investors and investment institutions, solve the problem of project operating funds, and improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

Starting a business is not easy!
Simple things don't require a strong government call!
Starting a business is not easy!
Easy things don't require strong government support !

Let dreams become capital, give dreams a space——Wuling Tianxia Chongchuang Space

Mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation

Quickly realize your entrepreneurial dream ! !! !!
For more information about Zhongchuang Space, please click the following link to learn:

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