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A site to breathe freely

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Air Canned Website ( is the first B2C platform for ecological products and eco-tourism in Tongren, Guizhou. It belongs to Tongren Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. and is headquartered on the second floor of Building 10, E-commerce Ecological City, Wanshan District, Tongren, Guizhou . 为旅行者提供优质的康养旅游服务。 Air is committed to ecological products and ecotourism services, and provides travelers with high-quality recreational tourism services through the Internet + tourism .

空气质量为PM2.0城市生态产品和生态旅游景区的供需,不仅为客户提供原生态旅游景区,且在空气罐头网平台为客户 定制当地生态产品,一年四季吃到农家美食,帮扶农户脱贫致富,早日实现我们心中的中国梦。 We provide ecological products that are abundant in this “air can” in Guizhou . We integrate the air quality into the supply and demand of PM2.0 urban ecological products and eco-tourism scenic spots. We not only provide customers with the original ecological tourism scenic spots, but also provide customers with air can network platform. Customize local ecological products, eat farm food all year round, help farmers get rid of poverty and get rich, and realize the Chinese dream in our hearts as soon as possible.

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