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Canned air helps Wanshan fragrant pomelo double eleven sell well

Posted: 2017-11-11 16:34 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

Love is Wanshan. Love heart Helping farmers, actively creating and developing Tongren's characteristic agricultural products, Air Canning Network has always upheld the business philosophy. On the occasion of the double eleven, all members worked hard to work overtime for express packaging, delivery, and replying to customer service issues, ushered in the golden time for the sale of Air

Express delivery

Box shipping

In order to help the development of fruit farmers, our company cooperates with Wanshan pomelo fruit farmers to launch the Double Eleven Pomelo event. Countdown to the carnival night before the Double Eleven, the staff worked overtime to pack up the pomelo, packed the singles, and increased sales for the double eleven caring farmers. All the staff of Air Canned Network waited with enthusiasm to wait for the sales of the carnival in the early morning to soar and deliver green ecological healthy food.

Physical presentation

Cargo box

Cargo packing, CCTV tracking interview

Customer service staff at work

Citron Healthy Take Home

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