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China International Big Data Industry Expo Tongren Sub-forum Opens Grandly

Posted: 2018-05-29 14:52 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

On May 28, 2018, the China International Big Data Industry Expo Tongren Sub-forum was opened in the Tongren Big Data Application Industrial Park in Guizhou.

The Tongren Sub-forum of the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 closely follows the theme of "integration of everything, intelligence and intelligence", combines the actual development of Tongren, and takes the theme of "application-driven, intelligent wisdom of Tongren" as an in-depth analysis of the current big data development trend. Major issues such as promoting big data strategic actions, developing the digital economy, and building a smart society were discussed in depth.

The forum was launched with three thematic activities and two special activities, namely: Big data + government (business, civil) concentrated display with more than 30 application scenarios, the opening ceremony and investment invitation projects centralized signing, "application driven · number wisdom Tongren" Thematic forum, "Big Data + Government (Business, Civil) Application Scenario Scheme" National Collection Competition and Big Data "Find Seedling" Action, "Internet + The Most Beautiful Entrepreneur" Thematic Series of Reporting Activities to Show the Development of Big Data Industry in Tongren City Results.

Chen Changxu, secretary of the Tongren Municipal Party Committee, said at the opening ceremony: "This forum is a major event for Tongren to take advantage of the" cloud "development. We hope that experts will provide us with intellectual support through intelligent collision and provide" number The "Tongren Zhiren" construction provides more solutions, and builds Tongren into a national "big test field" for big data innovation applications, a Guizhou big data application characteristic demonstration area, and a national big data innovation application demonstration city. We warmly welcome all experts and entrepreneurs to come to the " Shuzhi Tongren "invests in industry and tourism."

In the big data application scenario exhibition hall, the reporter saw that the Tongren City Health and Family Planning Commission and Anhui Jingqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly created an Internet + health platform based on medical big data. More than 30 big data application scenarios such as the "Tongren Ping An Police Cloud" have aroused great interest from participating experts and domestic and foreign experts.

On the same day, the forum also invited well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, big data entrepreneurs, etc. to talk about "big data" in copper, from the aspects of health care, security police, urban planning project construction, investment and investment, and smart education, etc. A smart society points the way.

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