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Organic Ecological Bamboo Puppet Jumps “Longmen” Online, Constructs Independent E-commerce Platform

Posted: 2018-09-16 15:36 Source: unknown Author: admin Click: Times

"Bamboo shoots are all over the mountain bay, and farmers are busy picking." Recently, the author walked into the bamboo plantation ecological planting base of the Chilitang Formation in Longmenyu Village. More than 100 villagers were picking, moving, baking, and packing bamboo plantation products. They were so busy that a bag of delicious bamboo plants came from here. Delivered to the tables of millions of households.

"In the past three months, I have been working at the base almost every day, and I have more than 3,000 wages. I can also pay 3,000 yuan at the end of the year. Great. The income from farming at home is not small, and I have increased a lot of income." Liu Chunxian, a poverty-stricken household in the Xiaba Group, was happy to calculate the account.

Longmenyu Village is the last village out of poverty in Xieqiao Street. In December 2016, after several investigations, the village party branch decided to cultivate bamboo core and loach in two core industries. In January this year, the village party branch established a village collective economy and faced bottlenecks in terms of capital, technology, and manpower for industrial development. The village adopted the "village collective economy + cooperatives + companies + poor households" model to integrate party organization, social forces, and markets power. The "two committees" of the village invested 1 million yuan to invest in industrial projects as the village collective development fund, and registered the Linglingyuan Ecological Agricultural Industry Company.

"The commercial management company is responsible for marketing and production management. The daily labor demand is reasonably allocated, which greatly saves costs. The entire Lingling company has implemented professional operations." He Zhengyuan, manager of the commercial management company, introduced.

The village party branch set up a public service department, which accounts for 16% of the shares, and undertakes land acquisition, mediation of conflicts and disputes, management of 80 families of precision poverty alleviation funds, and 16% of public funds for dividends. Introduce a commercial management company to invest 400,000 yuan, accounting for 16% of the shares, and set up the marketing department and production management department. Integrate Longmenyu Agricultural Development Cooperative to invest 600,000 yuan, accounting for 20% of the shares, and establish a technology management department. All 80 targeted poverty alleviation households in the village participated in it, accounting for 48% of the shares. Among them, 24 poor households invested 1.2 million yuan in “precise assistance loans”, accounting for 24% of the shares.

"Only by driving the masses to develop industries to eradicate poverty, can we completely change the face of poverty in the whole village. Dry bamboo products can receive 100 kg per acre, according to the market price of 300 yuan / kg, in addition to workers' wages and other costs, 24 households "Poverty households are guaranteed a minimum of 10,000 yuan in dividends, and other precision poverty alleviation households can receive 3,000 yuan in dividends," said Liu Yun, secretary of the village party branch.

In June this year, the bamboo shoots of Longmen's Village were sold on the Wanshan Pavilion in the “Qianyou Township” and sold 314 orders in one hour and 516 orders in five hours. The product was in short supply. Longmenyu Village has embarked on a new path of poverty alleviation and industry development that is “short in time, quick in effect and low in risk”. So far, the transaction volume has exceeded thousands of orders and the sales volume has reached more than 100,000 yuan. (Zhong Hui, Reform Office of the District Committee)

In July 2018, Tongren Wanshan Yuanlingyuan Ecological Agricultural Industrial Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation relationship with Wuling World, designated our company as the only service support company for online e-commerce, and carried out cooperation on several projects, including: , And the follow-up operation support of Taoling, Taoling Taobao Store, and Xiaoling Mini Program Mall.

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